What is a good electric shaver

What is a good electric shaver

According to the changing world and trend. Modern people like always modern methods to try out. So in case of shaving, they want to use as they possess some advantages over traditional ones. “electric shaver” is the tool which is used for shaving. Which has an electric connection and battery supply on it and it operates on it.What is a good electric shaver

It is most widely used shaver because of its flexibility and also it Saves much time as in case of other shavers they consume more time to operates.

About electric shaver

Mr. John F O’Rourke has invented the electric shaver with his United States patent in the year of 1998. and other follows suit that Mr. Schick an American manufacturer patented it their first razor in the year of 1930.

another inventor is Mr. Ronald Ullmann and for decisive for the development of modern razor. He was first to fuse metal and rubber on the shaver. And manufactured more than 100 electrical razors for Braun.

Alexandre Horowitz is also the architect of electric shaver who is from the Netherlands. revolving razor this concept has also come from Mr.horowitz.

Other types of electric shavers

As electric shaver is the new shaver which is known by most of the people and just because of their advantages like it includes no hassle from shaving it is widely used.

There are most used two types of electric shavers such as foil type and rotary type. Also, they have some pros and cons over other types of shavers.

Foil type

Structure of this type of shaver is new and innovative.it consist of few special arrangements for use of shaver against the skin. Their structure is like it has a thin layer inside that cover up the rotating blades. first, it helps in lifting hair up as you shave.

There is no contact between skin and blade. that’s why this shaver is used as a substitute for another. It has either three or four-blade. Increase in no of the blade causing smoothening of skin. and efficiency of the shaver.  You do not need to use it in circular form and simply moves it in straight lines for more efficiency.


  1. It ensures no harm to the skin.
  2. Close and more precise shave.
  3. It can be used as a substitute for precise shaving.


  1. If they are not flexible when the user has an angular face then it might find it hard to move angles. and will not be effective shave.
  2. It is not suitable for people having a habit to save using circular direction.it is work in a straight line only.

Disc shaver

Disc shaver is basically complex and fat type structured.it has three to four rotating heads which sharp and smooth ends which give better shaving experience.

This shaver Suitable for all who have a problem of having a fast-growing beard problem which grows in different directions. a. You have to move the shaver in rotary directions.it is performance-oriented shaver.


  1. Suitable for thick and fast-growing beard hair in different directions.
  2. It is for those who do not like shaving every day.
  3. fast-growing
  4. Solid inexperience.


  1. Circular motion recommended when irritation occurred.
  2. The device is not suitable for Men who want precise shaving.

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Newly recognized and well-known shaver is electric shaver. Many kinds of electric shavers are there for men like foil type or rotary type.both has some advantages and drawbacks according to an application used.

So from the information available, it is showing that according to an application user has to use the suitable good electric shaver.