What is an epilator shaver

What is an epilator shaver

Epilator is an electric device which is used for removing hair just bycatch and pulling out there. this epilator can be used for removing multiple hairs in a single way.What is an epilator shaver

It is as simple and same as that of waxing.they are come in battery-operated designs.


Shaver or razor is mainly the tool or we can say equipment used for hair removal on different body parts for smoothing of the skin and that is named as “shaver”.

There are many shavers which are being used by the people for shaving purpose like as Crtriedge shaver, electric shaver, Epilator shaver, injector shaver.

Epilator shaver

It is a Tool or electric Equipment used to Removal of hair.usually it plucks out hair from the skin and others are just cut the hair from certain length.

It is an electric device which has its small DC battery installed in it. Epilator Shaver has its own structure consist of multiple tooths and other inner things which are used for pulling out hairs.

It mechanically device which grasps and pull out hair from the main hair root Just same as like waxing but they do not pull out and remove cells.

Types of epilator shaver

  • Spring type – The first epilator was used in Israel and made in a metro in 1986. Its structure is like coil spring as its name suggest. It was bowed curved so will use correctly according to application.

One side coil will get squeezed tightly and other hand Coils will ger separate apart. Moving the rotating spring causes Cutting and pulling out of hair.

There is Manual epilator Especially designed for a face which does not have electric supply. which consist of coiled spring on two handles.

It has a curve so that you can easily apply it against unwanted hairs of the face.

  • Rotating Disc type – Remington lady was designed and manufactured in a ssame way as of spring type.

Except for the series of spring, there was a series of a disc which is made up of metal.

  • Tweezer type– Rotating type disc is further improved and designed in such that there is no more disc included. The metal disc was inserted in a plastic mould for closing the unit.

According to the strength and thickness of hair by this shaver, some hairs are snap off than pull off.

After epilation process of hair, there is no growth of hair occurs as of and as in case of shaving.

  • Wet type Shaver–thare are more kind of modern designated epilators have that facility of built-in rechargeable battery. It can be used either by wet or dry.

This kind of device is used in and out of shower also use with optional some gel and cream.some fluids used like Lubricants  or gel, the cream can be used for reducing pain, irritation also for smoothening of skin.

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For shaving and removing of hair, a various shaver is used. but epilator shave has some advantages over other shaver.It also includes some other types which was helpful in easy operation of a shaver.