What is the best electric shaver?

What is the best electric shaver

Fortunately, there is lot to achieve in the world. We are complete depend on the best things to consume and to make a best way of using a product or thing in the better way. We everyone looks for the best thing at low cost so it may either clothes, phone, accessories, etc.What is the best electric shaver

What is the best electric shaver?

Same way we need to groom our self with best quality things. Here to talk about the shavers it is kind of source for the barbers as a profession. Here are two types of shavers https://razorguides.com

  • Foil
  • Rotary

To know about it is very interesting part


The foil shaver contains oscillating blades that moves back and front at high speed. The blades are cover with guards which drops hairs from cutting and also it protects skin. Foil razor is in rectangular shape.


The rotary razor spins because it has round blades. just because they are rotary spinning blades it protects you skin with a slotted guard. The rotary shaves makes your face contour. But as compare to foil shave it is not easy to clean the rotary blades. The flex are in multiple directions.


The best electric razor is Braun series 9290 cc.

Braun series 9290cc makes offer for all latest designed which are found in electric razor to make it more use full and more comfortable and also for yielding a close shave.

Braun series 9290cc is a electric foil shaver which is upgrade to both series of Braun series 7 and older one series 9. Braun shaver has come up with all new features in it.

Special for it’s

The cutting heads of Braun series 9290cc contains four separate areas. The outer area cut is close to skin and the two inner areas cut and lifts the hair. So when the shave is done it gets a proper order of growing in a proper way.


Advantage of Braun series 9290cc

The advantage of using a Braun series 9290cc is that it is preceding all over the largest heads that are found in electric shavers. This shaver allows you to make a shave as quickly as you can.

Braun series9290cc woks in both dry and wet conditions as per the need. And can also use with the gel, shaving foam, and shaving soap. You can move the razor in 10 direction for the better growth and proper too.


The disadvantage cannot be so much to tell as it the best but every coin has two part same as the Braun series 9290cc is made with plastic design which make the holding flimsy, and also it has high  price point.

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As it is mention above the best we use the best we get so here it doesn’t matter how much we pay. Every product has it own best quality but the consumption and the product quality is been observed for the better result and from the view of satisfaction of buyer as well seller.